3 Tips to bond with your Child

Is it hard for you to bond with your child? Do you feel like whatever you say or do won’t help to get more connected to your kids? Do you already have a great relationship with your kids but want to find more ways to bond closer together? Let’s get started


strum 1Looking back at my childhood I remember that one of the most amazing moments with my dad has been a camping trip we went on together. It was only one night but probably the most memorable one together with my dad.

Just me and Dad away from all distractions in the wilderness. I had my Dad’s attention to 100%. What an awesome feeling.

This is why we started “Strum With Your Mum” (Strum with your Dad didn’t rhyme:)). To create an environment for crucial bonding times to happen.


We found the following three keys can help YOUR relationship with your kids in day to day life:


1) Value Quality time over Quantity time.

Children love spending quality time with their parents. It means the world to a child when there are no distractions (Phone calls, TV, Emails etc.) while talking to them.

For a child it is way more valuable to spend 15min with undivided attention,  than spending 3 hours while the mum is cooking, answering the phone, watching TV and at the same time trying to give some attention to her 6 year old who wants to show her what an amazing picture he drew.

How do you know you are spending quality time and not only quantity time?

– Check your thoughts: Are you thinking about dinner, the groceries, your clients and your best friends birthday party or are you giving your full attention to your child?

– Check your language: Is what you say giving your child the impression you need to do something else (“Yes darling I love your picture but let me go and hang up the washing now.”) or do you ask questions that reflect you are truly interested in them (“Wow I love your picture, how did you come up with the idea?”)


2) Have fun.

Rather than always doing something “important” or “educational” together why don’t you try to tell each other the best jokes you know, or just do something silly together (play in the dirt, make as much noise as possible together, etc.)

These fun times tell your child you are interested in them personally not only in their education and personal growth.



3) Find a Hobby together

A great way to connect and bond with your child is to have a common hobby such as soccer, cooking, going on walks or whatever it might be that you both like doing. (Guitar lessons are an option as well:))

A hobby enables you to have a reason to spend quality time with your child on a regular bases. You have common ground and always find something to talk about.

Your child will look back on these hours invested and appreciate them a lot. There is something special about having a hobby with Mum or with Dad. You are becoming team mates and can help each other out. What a valuable experience.


What next?
So often we get inspired and agree with something we read, see or hear but the excitement is all there is. Make sure to take intentional steps to build your relationship with your child today.

What is something small that you can start doing TODAY to build YOUR relationship with your child?


I love this quote:

Anything that’s worth having. Is sure enough worth fighting for. (Cheryl Cole)


Want to take action NOW and learn more about how to learn guitar together with your child?


All the best for your relationship with your child. 

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Author: Laurice Klaire

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