Responsible cafes on the Northern Beaches

We are a nation of coffee lovers, and now we can enjoy our regular cup of coffee whilst also saving money and helping the environment …..

While some takeaway coffee cups  ARE recyclable, not all are, meaning they end up in landfill. And so the term “responsible cafe” has emerged as a way to help save money and reduces waste.  Responsible cafes are popping up all over the place each offering an incentive to customers who provide their own cup.

So here’s a handy list of all those places currently listed as responsible cafes on the Northern Beaches ….

Brew & I

Sea Change Cafe Dee Why Beach


Mr Grigor’s

La Crema Lounge

Christophe’s Gourmet

Manly Press


The Butchers Cafe


Bally Bakehouse

Infitinity Bakery

Flavour Buds Pty Ltd (Wakehurst Golf Club)

The Bower Restaurant

Gloria Jeans

Kiss Me Cake

Organic Food Markets

Soul Surf

Don Adan Coffee House

Don Adan’s Coffee Tree

Stranded Gourmet

Heirloom Espresso

GF Cafè

Stowaway – Cafe on Pittwater

Cocoa Bar, Newport Beach



Find out more about Responsible Cafes and keep up to date with new venues here.




Author: Laurice Klaire

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