6 Things to do with the Kids this Winter

Winter is upon. But thankfully our country is so vast that this can mean a healthy mix of sunshine and snow. The great thing about this is there are always opportunities to get the kids outside and burning energy. This in turn means our sanity is saved and our bedtimes are adhered to (most of the time).

But rather than the movies or the museum, we’d like to open your eyes past the usual things to do with the kids this Winter. Think a little bit outside the box and go from auto-pilot to adventure pilot in one trip. 

Go on a nature scavenger hunt

Create a discovery box and collect things as you go. Things such as leaves, rocks, shells, flowers, coins – anything that kids find interesting.

You could draw up a list of 10 things before you leave, or just discover and collect as you go.

Go go-karting

For those that are looking for an adrenaline fuelled, blood pumping, heart racing kind of afternoon, look no further than go-kart racing.

Many karting companies these days come with a fleet of two-seater karts which is perfect for the kids. Plus with the helmet and the racing suit, you’ll be well rugged up.

Bake some biscuits for your local Nursing Home

What better way to teach compassion and kindness than to do something to make someone’s day a little better? And, what’s simpler than baking some shortbread.

Whichever way you look, you’re onto a winner.  And, you show your kids that a simple act of kindness is a powerful thing.

Go on your very own “bear hunt”

If you don’t get that reference, then add “trip to the book store” to this list. Whether embarking on a bush-walk, strolling around your local park or just staying at home, this is a great way to engage the whole family.

You could prepare a map, make up your very own hazards, based on the environment you’ll be doing it in i.e. a wobbly bridge could be a rope bridge in the local playground. But never forget “You’re not scared!!!”

Snow tubing or tobogganing

I know we said “think outside the box, but how could we leave out some good old-fashioned mountain fun – especially for those that live a few hours from the snow.

Choose to embrace the new or old between snow tubing or tobogganing, or just go all out and do both. Either way, you’ll ALL sleep well that night.

Create an Adventure Day

Now, depending on where you live, this could mean anything. It could mean panning for gold in the local creek, camping, or a mini-trip to a local tourist attraction. Sometimes we forget that when you’re a kid, anything can be turned into an adventure. And, often when things are on our doorsteps, we forget to visit.



So these may be for right now or they may be for in the future. Either way, it’s always great to discover new things, and for our children to experience new adventures.

Post sponsored by Ace Karts

Author: Laurice Klaire

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