Your baby questions answered – advice for partners sharing night feeds

BabyLove Spokesperson Midwife Cath answers some of your questions about babies. In this edition, she is looking at the topic of sharing night feeds.

Ideally it would be great if partners could share the overnight feeds, however there are a few reasons why this might not be so easy. Women are charged with hormones after childbirth and can cope with relatively low amounts of sleep or interrupted sleep. Men on the other hand find it very difficult to get up and have interrupted sleep then go to work and function during the day.

About 30 years ago, I noticed by watching and caring for babies that the natural time the new born baby settles to sleep is after 10 pm, so I invented a program called BBB which stands for Bath, Bottle and Bed.  The program allows the 3 B’s to be done between 6-9:30pm – this enables the baby to sleep a good stretch of 3-4 hours. The sleep increases in length as the baby gains weight and as he/she gets older.

By adapting this program, it encourages the partners to bath and feed the baby together. I suggest for them to bath the baby in a deep warm bath, dry the baby, and then dress the baby and wrap in a muslin wrap.  After the baby is bathed, dressed and wrapped the partner gives the baby a bottle of either breast milk or formula.  This does not interfere with the production of breast milk, lactation or cause confusion to the baby. I encourage the Mum’s to go to bed by 9.30pm as this extra few hours of sleep can make a difference on her physical and emotional health.

The BBB program allows the partners to share precious time with the baby, as well as the baby enjoying a lovely warm deep bath and a nice drink of milk and providing Mum with a much-needed sleep after to restore her physical and emotional health.

All my clients who follow the BBB program love it and love that by team work everyone gets some sleep.



Author: Laurice Klaire

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