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Alpha Kids Academy
G01, 23 Roger Street, Brookvale

Alpha Kids Academy provides a fun filled, nurturing & motivating environment that is adaptable and safe so that your child can be encouraged and supported in their growth and development.

We cater for children 0-6 years and our purpose is to give your child their best start in life, inspiring your child to learn through play in a safe and nurturing environment, with our motivation being to impact young lives in a positive and rewarding way.

It is vital that young children have a happy and healthy start in the early years of their development as this will shape their future. Children should be encouraged to explore their environment, make new friends, and experience new opportunities to open their inquisitive minds to the amazing world at their tiny feet!

Our educators create a learning environment through play, storytelling, arts & craft, games and more. Each of our educators hold or are actively working toward a formal qualification and have been hand selected by our management team and are continuously supported in their ongoing professional growth as Early Childhood Educators.

The distinctive design of our centres, together with high quality facilities and abundant resources allow Alpha Kids Academy to provide the children and staff with inviting spaces, where every day is an opportunity for learning, growth and development.

We provide:

  • High quality child care facility which have been purposely built
  • Family owned and operated
  • One of the most amazing and inviting outdoor areas for children to play, learn & grow
  • Qualified and dedicated educators
  • Age appropriate educational programs and extensive school readiness programs
  • Fresh, healthy and nutritious meals prepared fresh at the Service daily by our on-site chef
  • Child Care Subsidy Approved Centre
  • Safety, health & wellbeing of our children is paramount
  • Growfit health and fitness program conducted weekly
  • Numerous activities and incursions conducted throughout the year.


8413 0725
Cominos Family Lawyers
Suite 604/267 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

We are a leading and well-established Family Law Firm, located in Castlereagh Street Sydney. We are very easy to access by public transport and we have free parking for all our clients.
Our Family Lawyers are all senior specialist with many years of experience in all matters that relate to divorce, separation and relationship break-ups. We also have an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. We have expertise in child custody matters, property settlements, collaborative family law, as well as mediation, negotiations. We only go to Court as a last resort because we know that when families go to Court it can be very stressful.
We take a child-focused approach and we manage all our matters with sensitivity and care. All our lawyers are committed to providing practical and sound legal advice and will always work to get the best results for you.
We offer services in:
1. Child Custody Disputes
2. Property Settlements
3. Consent Orders
4. Financial Agreements
5. Child Support
6. Spousal Maintenance
7. International and Domestic Relocation
8. Inheritance and Property Overseas
9. Big Money Matters
10. Mediation and Collaboration
11. Going to Court

8999 1800
0425 303 044
We offer a free 15minute telephone consultation for anyone who mentions this advertisement.
Complete Chiropractic
Suite 1/32 Fisher Road, Dee Why

Northern Beaches clinic providing care for individuals and families. We see Mums, bubs and kids for safe and gentle corrective spine and cranial care with an emphasis on posture, sleep, movement and optimal childhood development. Chiropractors are highly trained and our staff will listen to your specific goals in achieving your best health

9972 0040
Zippy Financial

Zippy Financial is your expert broker for Residential Mortgages, Vehicle and Asset Finance, Commercial Lending, Wealth Planning and Investment Property Sourcing.

Founded by Principal Broker, Louisa Sanghera, who brings over 25 years experience in banking and the finance industry, Zippy Financial has grown quickly to become a favourite among North Shore and Northern Beaches families.

Louisa is a multi award nominated expert in the field of finance, a sought-after keynote speaker at finance and investment seminars across the country and a popular contributor to a variety of industry publications.

Louisa loves being a part of the Northern Beaches Mums community and really goes the extra mile to take care of her network of wonderful Mums.

Louisa Sanghera is a credit representative (437236) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237)

1300 855 022
Frontrunner Learning Centres – Tutoring solutions
Frenchs Forest - Suites 7 & 8 Professional Suites, Forestway Shopping Centre Cnr. Forest Way and Warringah Road
Mona Vale - Suite 1, Bungan Place, 11 Waratah Street

Life-changing Tutoring Solutions

Is your child struggling with Reading, Writing, Spelling, Maths or having poor results at school?

Proud to help you help your child overcome:

- Poor results at school

- Reading difficulties like Dyslexia

- Learning basic Mathematics facts

- Automaticity with times tables

- Irlen syndrome

- High School Mathematics, English, Science supportive tutoring and coaching

- Age/Class catch up programs based on over 21 years experience

- Dyslexia with our Readbetter with Cellfield Treatment

- Visual and Auditory Processing support with our Listenbetter with iLs interventions

- All programs are individualised for your loved ones

We empower your child to feel confident and motivated for the next stage.

Come and see us for her or his free educational assessment.

1300 851 062
0403 296 400


Millennium Wellness Centre
904, 135 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW

Millennium Wellness is a medical clinic focusing on Women's intimate health. Introducing a TGA approved medical device that has just arrived in Australia we will be able to treat women who suffer from sexual dysfunction and vaginal laxity. We also prescribe plant based hormones (not synthetic) to treat underlying hormone deficiencies.
The Viveve System addresses a medical condition affecting functionality and quality of life. The SINGLE-SESSION treatment is a MINIMALLY INVASIVE, COMFORTABLE approach to LEAKAGE, VAGINAL LAXITY and SEXUAL FUNCTION.

8598 8509
0407 496 526
Guardian Early Learning Group

Guardian Early Learning Group proudly operates over 100 early learning centres across Australia. We provide high quality early learning through meaningful play-based learning, curiosity inspiring environments and highly experienced educators.

13 82 30
Headstart Mandarin – Chinese Language Classes
Headstart Mandarin is the leading provider of Chinese programs in Sydney. We provide quality extracurricular and curriculum Mandarin classes to local schools.
We take an inquiry-based and holistic approach to language learning. We believe this makes strong learners with solid foundations and a lifelong love for Mandarin. We focus on a student-centred classroom, empowering more Australian students to learn and speak Mandarin with confidence.
Our program is designed to be fun, relevant and engaging with multiple resources, providing the best opportunities for our students to learn Mandarin in Australia.
We can provide classes at your local private, Catholic and public schools, along our quality Chinese programs easily accessible to students in Sydney.

Northern Beaches School:

Balgowlah Heights Public School, Wednesdays  3:20pm – 4:50pm
Belrose Uniting Church (Background Speakers), Tuesdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Forestville OLGC Church (Background Speakers), Thursdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Kambora Public School, Wednesdays  3:20pm – 4:50pm
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Thursdays 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Pittwater House (Background Speakers), EOI for Term 1, 2019
Pittwater House, EOI for Term 1, 2019
St Kevin’s Dee Why, EOI for Term 1, 2019
St Luke’s Grammar (Background Speakers), Fridays 2:50pm – 4:20pm
St Luke’s Grammar, Fridays 2:50pm – 4:05pm
St Martin’s Catholic School, EOI for Term 1, 2019
Terrey Hills Public School. EOI for Term 1, 2019
Wheeler Heights Public School, Mondays, 3:30pm – 5:00pm

0430 222 116
Genepath Laboratories

The NextGen test from Genepath is the world's first peer reviewed newborn screening test using next-generation DNA sequencing technology.

The test is a cutting-edge, highly sophisticated genetic test that is revolutionising family preventive health. It has been developed over a 4-year period in Sydney and puts Australia at the forefront of Next-Generation Sequencing-based tests for serious genetic conditions.

The test looks for multiple, treatable conditions that can cause problems in babies, children and young adults.

The test itself is a painless mouth swab, which can be collected by a healthcare professional, or at home by a parent. Swabs are sent in a specially designed kit to Genepath for testing, with all analysis done in Australia.

The NextGen test uses multiple gene targeted Next-Generation DNA Sequencing to screen for more than 60 genetic conditions, including some of the genetic causes of sudden cardiac death in children and one of the major causes of preventable heart attack in young adults.

The NextGen test can be used alongside the existing newborn screening test (heel-prick test) offered by all Australian states. Newborns who have both the heel-prick blood test and the NextGen test will have had the most comprehensive newborn screening currently available in Australia.

Identifying treatable genetic conditions in babies, children and young adults can lead to improved health outcomes into the future.

Who is eligible for testing?

The NextGen test can be taken by babies, children and young adults, but the major benefit is for newborns. This is because most of the conditions tested for cause problems in the first year of life. There does not need to be a family history of any genetic disorder or disease to be able to benefit from the test.

What does it cost?

The NextGen test costs AUD$980.

How can I access the test?

Parents can order the NextGen test kit online. Genepath will arrange for you to speak to a doctor or genetic counsellor to answer all your questions.

How long do the results take?

A comprehensive report of the test results will be sent to a doctor nominated by the parents within 4 weeks. Parents will be notified once the results have been sent to their doctor. It is important for parents to have a consultation with their doctor to go through the results, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the report, and to discuss any required action.

Is the NextGen test covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance?

The NextGen test is not currently covered by Medicare. Check with your private health insurance provider to see if they provide any rebate for genetic testing.

Is the NextGen test the same as the Harmony test?

No. The NextGen test is not the same as the Harmony or Panorama tests, which involve taking blood from the mother during pregnancy to identify 3 genetic conditions. The NextGen test identifies different conditions from the Harmony or Panorama tests.

What genetic conditions does the NextGen Test screen for?

A full list of the more than 60 conditions the NextGen test screens for can be found here.

9146 0141

Learning Circuits

Learning Circuits is here to support and educate families, specializing in programs for children with learning and behavioral challenges.

Using only the most researched, and best programs available in; parenting and neuroplasticity (the brains ability to change), that have been proven time and time again to benefit the user.

We would really like to help your family, all challenges big or small.

9940 0425
0404 485 967

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