Celebrating the end of the school holidays with a Boss Baby Family Night In


This weekend we celebrated the last days of the school holidays AND the Blu-ray release of Boss Baby with a family movie night in.

Armed with our Boss Baby Blu-ray and goodies, we were joined by our small friend Josh who loved it.  It really is the perfect way to spend time fun family time together in this cold weather and even the older kids enjoyed it.

I wasn’t sure the older kids (ranging 11-13) would enjoy the movie but it really got their attention and they giggled and laughed throughout and there were even a couple of jokes for us adults to enjoy.


So what’s the storyline?  ….

A new baby comes home to its family but he’s nothing at all like his older brother Tim expects.  The two brothers go on to enjoy some amazing adventures when Tim discovers that Boss Baby (played brilliantly by Alex Baldwin) is actually a spy on a secret mission, and only he can help save the world.    Check out the trailer below ….

If you’re thinking of planning your own Boss Baby Family Night in, or even just want some extra Boss Baby fun, try these FREE Downloadable colouring sheets …

Baby Boss really is a movie the whole family can really have a giggle with…and hey, who doesn’t love Alec Baldwin!!!  Why not have you own Boss Baby Family Night in and enjoy it now.  

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Author: Laurice Klaire

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