Choose a School Where Kids Will Thrive

Children need to attend a school where they will thrive, not just cope, a leading child psychologist will tell parents at a free seminar next week.

According to educational and developmental psychologist Karen Spitzer, choosing a primary or high school for a child can be a stressful experience for parents.

Ms Spitzer is a District Guidance Officer in government schools and also works in private practice. Together with teacher, Sonja Walker, she will present How to Choose the Right School for My Child next Tuesday night in Brookvale.

how to choose a schoolMs Spitzer said that many schools will host Open Days for prospective parents and students this term.

“Open Days are a great opportunity to find out about what schools have to offer, but parents often want to know what questions to ask teachers and principals so that they can choose a school in which their child will feel happy and successful.”

Ms Spitzer believes that parents need to feel confident about approaching several schools and asking questions that will help them make informed decisions.

“The school needs to meet the child’s emotional, social and academic needs – and it also needs to be a place where the whole family can feel like they belong,” she said.

“Kids need to do more than just cope in their new school – they need to feel comfortable, accepted and have opportunities to pursue their interests.”

“Parents know their child best and before they choose a school, they need to build up a picture of what kind of school will suit their child’s needs.”

“Once they have those ideas in place – then they can go about finding the right learning environment for their child.”

Ms Spitzer said that the free seminar, which is part of Kids First Children’s Services’ free Community Service program, will help parents to look at different aspects of a school, particularly the quality of teaching and learning situations.

“Things have changed since many mums and dads went to school and what suits the next door neighbour’s child might not suit your own.”

“The purpose of this event is to help parents make informed choices for their children.”


How to Choose the Right School for My Child will take place on Tuesday 28 April at the Chairman’s Lounge, Brookvale Oval.

The free 2 hour program starts at 7.30pm and places are limited. To reserve a place, book on-line at http://kids-first.com.au/how-to-choose-a-school or call (02) 9938 5419.

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Author: Laurice Klaire

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