Day in the Life of Mayday Mummy

Even though there is no such thing as a ‘typical day’, people are fascinated to hear about the families that the Mayday Mummy team assist.

Call her crazy (most people do), but the Founder / Director of Mayday Mummy gets up at 3am every morning. Why? She “indulges” in some “me time” before starting work. Sharon loves to run and she is a self-confessed grouch if she doesn’t start the day with a run.

The Mayday Mummy mobile often rings before sunrise to assist a family in need. They advertise as accepting calls and bookings from 4am!

The Mayday Mummy team is small in numbers but big in experience, empathy and flexibility. They strive to exceed expectations – every time.

Here is just a snap shot of a few recent Mayday calls;

At 12:16pm, Mayday Mummy received a call from a new client saying “I’m on the edge. I just burst into tears in public. I need your help NOW!”
This amazing mum of 2, who runs her own successful business, was feeling fragile and overwhelmed.
Making the big drive across town (30km), Mayday Mummy arrived at 1:30pm with arms open for a hug.
Together, they re-converted the kitchen, dining and sunroom from toy room madness, to their former glory (and purpose)! Floors cleaned, washing sorted.
Whilst mum responded to work emails and ran errands, Mayday Mummy prepared some meals (Chicken Basil Pasta, Honey Soy Chicken with Asparagus and Soba Noodles, Banana Cake and muffins)
And in the basket is a freshly bathed, firmly wrapped, sleeping 8 week old bundle of pure joy!



Whilst Sydney mum went to hospital, Mayday Mummy; baked orange muffins, vegetable frittata, made fish curry, unpacked the dishwasher, did 3 loads of washing (yes, that is a tower of 25 bodysuits) and sorted the tupperware cupboard.

Confession – Mayday Mummy had some help…..16month old twins!!



Not a medical emergency…..just a busy and tired mum who called on Mayday Mummy to help her get back on track.

Her fridge and freezer are now well stocked with; Lasagnes, Banana Bread and Muffins, Lamb Shank Stew, Apple Crumble, Blueberry and Apple Muffins and baby’s first food – pureed apple and pear.

Eat well, sleep tight and enjoy quality time with your kids tomorrow.

Assist mum1


What a perfect way to start the day. Pre-dawn call from St Ives dad, his wife in labour and they needed to go ASAP to the hospital. Arriving 13min later (to care for their 3 year old), Mayday Mummy asked dad if he got any sleep last night, he said “no, but it’s not about me!”

What a great dad and a great day to have a baby!!



Getting to day care on-time (before they close) can often be a challenge. With meetings running over-time, traffic congestion, trains cancelled…it can be very stressful.

But traveling interstate for the day poses even more risks.

Mrs S needed peace of mind that her daughter would be picked-up from her inner city day care centre, irrespective of flight delays, cancellations and peak hour traffic.

Mayday Mummy stepped into this mum’s shoes for the evening, doing the day-care pick-up, long drive home and dinner/bath/stories routine.

Mum arrived home at 7pm. Just in-time for cuddles before bed.

fly interstate


Early morning call from a mum desperate for some help. She has a debilitating migraine and 3 little boys under 5 years at home.

Mayday Mummy to the rescue…arriving within minutes and before dad left for work.

 shutterstock_164427593 mum migraine


Mother of two locked herself in the home office today. 

She had a 4:30pm deadline to meet.

When Mayday Mummy knocked on her door with this little lunch tray – there were tears of gratitude.

lunch tray


Whilst most of us are in bed fast asleep at 11:15pm, two Mayday Mummies are hard at work.

One Mayday Mummy had returned for the second consecutive night to Naremburn to care for 5week old baby boy whilst his parents caught up on much needed sleep.

And, another Mayday Mummy had just jumped out of bed and on her way to Mona Vale. An expectant mum’s waters broke at 11pm and needed to go to hospital to deliver her 2nd baby.

Babies babies everywhere…. Oh what joy to lend a helping hand!



With four Mayday Mummies living on the Northern Beaches and another 3 just down the down on the North Shore, responding promptly to families during emergencies is what this team does best.

More information can be found on their website – www.MaydayMummy.com.au and Facebook page www.facebook.com/MaydayMummy

Mayday Mummy Tile




Author: Laurice Klaire

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