Do you have LinkedIn? Why you really should!

LinkedIn is one of the most important ways to spend your time online, especially as a Mum managing home and work life. Your LinkedIn profile should reflect where you are as a professional at all stages, including time off for maternity leave or as Chief Household Officer!

Many women who have children, whether they take time off work or juggle the two, have been found to neglect their professional connections. Who wouldn’t? There’s barely enough time in a day to work full time and look after yourself let alone your family! Unfortunately though, these professional connections can be key to your next career move. There are plenty of stories of women who have built great small businesses from connections found or made on LinkedIn. You never know where your next opportunity or might be, so it’s really worth taking a few minutes to invest in your professional brand.


Its your time to shine

Whether you’ve taken time off from being an associate, you’ve started your own business, or you’re still working as a marketing professional, LinkedIn gives you the chance to introduce the world to your professional history. Not everyone’s career follows a cookie-cutter progression anymore, so LinkedIn gives you the chance to add all those interesting jobs that got you to where you are. Tell everyone your story, and create a professional presence on the internet, while keeping the cat videos and memes out of it.

Michael Levine, Account Executive at LinkedIn says taking time off can feature on your profile too. “The LinkedIn profile has expanded over the last few years to include much more than just career history, so if you are concerned with long breaks from the workforce – focus on showcasing your skills, projects, passions, volunteer work, education and so on.”


The more specific the better

Google loves a good LinkedIn profile, making you easy to find in a general Google search. Your name is followed by your title, so be as specific as possible and use key words in your title.

When adding your work history, the same applies. If you were or are a Physiotherapist, describe exactly what kind of Physiotherapy you practice, who your clients were or are, and ask for a recommendation from you colleagues to top it all off. Prospective employers or those looking to partner with you will love a good third-party recommendation.


Add value quickly without taking time away from your kids

Some social media gurus out there have no clue how time-poor a Mum can be. While it may be ideal to post fresh content on LinkedIn every second day, it’s just not practical. Instead, re-position your existing content by changing a few things here and there, and publish it as an article on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a blog, writing an article every so often is definitely worth your while, as it’s one of the chief ways to engage new connections.


Reach out to people you want to know

Always wanted to have a coffee with the woman whose business inspired you to start yours? Or ever wondered about the career path of your CEO? LinkedIn lays everyone’s career path out neatly in a clean, succinct timeline for you to peer at.

Whether you’re looking to network at a party, an event, or a personalised coffee date, you can easily snatch key info about your contact’s past from LinkedIn. Whether you throw in that knowledge during an interview, or you use it to create mutual connection, it will show you’ve made the effort to do your homework, and draw your new-professional-friend-to-be closer.


LinkedIns Senior Account Executive Michael Levines Top Tips for LinkedIn Mums:

  1. Use the profile headline to describe both your current status and future aspiration, for example: “Full-time Mum and Aspiring Lifestyle Blogger” – this will help people find you!
  2. Build your profile and connections now, before you need them, so that when you are actively looking for work, you already have a decent network to support you
  3. LinkedIn Learning is a great way to keep your skills up to date with short courses at night once the kids are in bed
  4. Keep checking back in with your network, including former clients/colleagues, while you are off work to help you keep on top of news and industry updates to easily assimilate back into work

Written by Don Milne for Northern Beaches Mums


Author: Laurice Klaire

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