Exclusive NMBs offer: 200 Free Deep Sleep and Relaxation Hypnotherapy CDs to giveaway

Whether you’re a sleep deprived Mum of young children, being kept awake by anxieties, a teen struggling with studies and the pressures of life, or just feeling tired.  We all share something in common – the desire for a great night’s sleep!

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to share this AMAZING offer for 200…(yes that’s 200!!!!!) Northern Beaches Mums to each receive a FREE copy of Lyn MacPherson’s Deep Sleep and Relaxation Hypnotherapy CD valued $29.99.

Northern Beaches Mum Lyn MacPherson is a Double Masters qualified, award winning, Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Social Ecologist and Transformative Psychotherapist.

She assists her clients to achieve happiness, confidence, motivation and life goals and she enables her clients to unblock these barriers and open up possibility they never knew they had. Unthinkable change results, at many levels.

Check out a recent review submitted to Northern Beaches Mums here (names withheld for confidentiality).

As a mother of teens herself, Lyn is passionate in her goal to assist our teens to deal with the many pressures of modern life.   In a recent article here for Northern Beaches Mums Lyn looked particularly at the effects of sleep deprivation on our children and raised the startling truth about the many physical and emotional problems caused by a lack of sleep ….

Panic attacks
Emotional breakdowns
Negative self image
Irrational fear and worrying
Conflicts, especially family members
Inability to focus
Poor concentration
Poor memory
Shortened attention span
Reduced academic performance
Learning difficulties
Decreased coordination
Weight gain
Skin problems
Lack of energy
Aggressive behaviour – including yelling and shouting
Moodiness or mood swings
Increased frustration
Loss of motivation
Oppositional behaviour
Poor decision making
Slower physical reflexes
Increased risk of car accidents
Poor impulse control
Increased impulsiveness and risk taking
Inability to regulate emotions/moods
Weak immune system
High blood pressure
Food and sugar cravings
Muscle aches
Tremors or shakiness
Long-term sleep problems


Lyn has been so generous to offer so many of us the chance to regain the luxury of deep relaxation and a regular good night’s deep sleep.  I have recently been listening to the CD myself and I’m happy to report that despite being a chronic insomniac, I’ve never made it past the first few minutes before I’m out cold!

Partnering with Lyn for this amazing offer is Sam form Amcal Pharmacy on Waterloo Street, Narrabeen who has kindly agreed to provide these CDs free to the first 200 Northern Beaches Mums who drop by his store and ask for one.

Best in first dressed ladies, this is a not to be repeated offer so don’t miss out on this very special gift of sleep and relaxation.

Lyn Megan Macpherson (M.A., M.Ed., Dip.Clin.Hyp., Dip.NLP) is a Double Masters qualified, award winning, Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Social Ecologist, Transformative Psychotherapist and author.

Lyn has researched and practiced revolutionary ways to overcome fears, anxieties, and all forms of destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour in order to generate long-term, natural and transformative change. She specialises in empowering young people with anxiety to calmly take control of their lives to confidently create their ultimate future. Lyn lives on the Northern Beaches with her husband and two teenage daughters. Please visit the HARMONY SOLUTIONS AND HYPNOTHERAPY WEBSITE HERE.



Author: Patrick Linsen

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