Do you get spooked out by Halloween night?

Isn’t Halloween so great right now ?

Everyone dresses up, you get to know the neighbours, everyone’s friendly, the air is electric ….but what do you do if  you are REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE about the intense amount of sugar being handed around?

Does that turn you into the “Halloween Grinch”?  Do you just not participate ? What’s the etiquette here?

It’s true that we are more informed than ever before about sugar. Even party bags have seen a huge shift (often it’s novelty toys or something crafty now), so you’d probably be surprised how easy it has become to still join in the spooky fun with not a sweet in sight !

First thing’s first, Halloween DEEP DOWN is REALLY all about THRILL and THEATRE ….kids will remember the house with the smoke machine and ghost ooze drinks (i.e. canister of chilled water in green cups) more than the house that gave them a few smarties.    So….get creative ! Spiderwebs in trees, haunted sounds booming from a hidden speaker (playing on loop), a bucket of slime to dip their hand in… even some kind of “trick” (tomato sauce handshake always goes down well.)

And what about trick or treat time? Easy !!!! Cool coloured pencils, crayons, textas and a fabulous  activity sheet each and it’s smiles all round!  Believe it or not it’s actually cheaper than chocolates. You can break up the packs of textas and pencils and activity sheet books  (1 sheet per child).  I’ve found they’re pretty happy as it’s something different and they’ve got loads of lollies anyway.

I discovered a GREAT local warehouse to buy all this stuff really cheaply near Bunnings in Balgowlah.  The prices on pencils and activity sheets have mind-blowing discounts (think 50 c) and it’s all branded stuff. Think Frozen, Star wars, Spiderman, Avengers, Palace pets, Finding Nemo, Batman, Strawberry Shortcake……all your popular characters.  You can buy enough to “feed” around 90 kids for way less than $30! Address is 52 Balgowlah Rd Balgowlah…link below.  They have great xmas toys and books too and are only open weekdays.

Prices on branded activity books are 50 cents, $1, $2 $3 …packs of 10 textas+ pencils are just $3 (HALF officeworks /Big W price)

Enjoy making Halloween memorable for your visiting ghouls and goblins …no need to be so spooked ! See you October 31 !


Advertorial written  by Gemma Paige for Humphreys Warehouse.

Author: NBMs

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