Have you herd the news? Taronga’s Elephant Calf Turns Three!

With the gates to Taronga Zoo Sydney set to reopen next Monday 1 June, guests were still able to join in and mark the occasion via Taronga’s live elephant cam at TarongaTV.com.

Dare we say all other news is irr-elephant today, with some unbelievably cute footage of Taronga’s youngest Asian Elephant Jai Dee celebrating his third birthday.

You’ll find vision of Jai Dee enjoying a frozen vegetable cake as well as a giant number three made out of saw dust alongside mum Pak Boon and Auntie Tang Mo here.

Taronga Zoo Sydney’s Key Facts:

  • Taronga Zoo Sydney’s keepers marked a milestone for the zoo’s youngest Asian Elephant Jai Dee who today celebrated his third birthday.
  • As a special treat, calf Jai Dee, alongside mum Pak Boon and auntie Tang Mo, tucked into a specially made frozen vegetable cake and also had fun playing with a large number three made from sawdust shavings which they proceeded to throw up in the air using their trunks.
  • With the gates to Taronga Zoo Sydney set to reopen next Monday 1 June, guests were still able to join in and mark the occasion via Taronga’s live elephant cam at TarongaTV.com.
  • Jai Dee was born at Taronga Zoo in 2017 and was just 130kg at birth. Three years later he is now 10 times the size, weighing in last week at an impressive 1335kgs and standing 186cms tall.
  • While Jai Dee is growing up fast, he still stays close to mum with keepers expecting him to wean over the next year.
  • Jai Dee has ticked off lots of growth milestones, but is still working on his trumpeting skills which he is yet to master. He has been able to achieve the odd raspberry here and there, and his roars still bring mum and auntie running.
  • According to keepers, Jai Dee personality is the perfect blend of mum Pak Boon and dad Gung. He has mum’s determination and stubbornness when he wants achieve something, as well we his dad’s good nature and love of learning.
  • In the wild, Asian Elephants live across Southeast Asia, and are far more endangered than African Elephants.
  • Estimates suggest as few as 35,000 Asian Elephants remain in the wild due to poaching and habitat loss.
  • Taronga Zoo Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo will reopen to guests next Monday 1 June.

Videos and stills available here.

Author: NBMs

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