How Kids Club Helps Foster Imagination in Early Childhood Education

Einstein once said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Wise words considering imagination opens the gateway to possibilities, ambition and from a very early age, helps children understand the world around them.

It’s why young children will mimic mum and dad on the phone via a block of duplo lego, or jump in a cardboard box on an epic voyage to the moon!

4-Year-Old Jonathan: “Look at me Miss Shelli! I’m driving to the beach!”

Imagining leads to creativity, which is integral not only for activities like artistic and musical expression, but also for science, maths and social/emotional intelligence. Creativity, however, is not an innate talent, it’s a skill we can help develop, which is why imaginative play should not be undervalued especially in a child’s early years.

Because 90 percent of a child’s brain development happens before the age of 5, early childhood educators like Kids Club Child Care have a big role to play in constructing stimulating play spaces that foster a hungry and eager mind.

Every Kids Club centre is built around the concepts of child-led, play based learning and Kids Club’s newest centre in our very own Northern Beaches is no different.

“A great deal of planning, thought and research goes into what we call our stimulating play zones at Kids Club”, self-confessed Director of Fun, Corie Stone says.

“We purposefully place features that reflect the real world around us that typically kids don’t get to play with to stimulate their minds and break up the monotony of playing with regular toys. This includes things like our cut in half Rolls Royce in Kids Club Surry Hills centre and our indoor yacht in one of our Canberra centres.”

The idea of the world around them also takes on a local flavour at every centre. This is especially reflective of Kids Club Northern Beaches centre finally opening in October. Kids Club Northern Beaches features a beach culture inspired beach house, a retro VW and even a realistic ‘Cromer Wharf’.

‘Cromer Wharf’ opening soon to inspire local nautical minds

 “From day 1 of our very first centre opening we wanted to create spaces that even adults would find wondrous and captivating and with our newest centre in the Northern Beaches, inspired by our local surrounds, we’ve really taken this to the next level.”

“From picking up your friends to go to the beach in a bright yellow kombi to docking at Cromer Wharf to go fishing at our makeshift shore, we can’t wait to see what local kids get up to in our newest centre”, adds Corie.

To celebrate coming to the Northern beaches, Kids Club is hosting a free family fun day on Saturday 14th of October with jumping castles, face painting, access to Kids Club’s play facilities as well as a very a special Show with Paw Patrol. Also get an opportunity to meet our local Federal MP Jason Falinski (Liberal Member for Mackellar) who will be officially opening the new Early Learning Centre.

To book your free ticket to the Paw Patrol Show and other activities on the day, visit www.kidsclubchildcare.com.au.


Author: NBMs

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