Moving house with Kids-ways to stay sane!

As somebody that decided to build a new house with a 3 year old and a baby in tow I think I am a pretty good authority on moving house in a stressful situation and particularly with kids in tow! Our journey towards a new house meant that we had to move a couple of time in the 18 months that it took to build our new house so I have put together some top tips for those of you that are moving house with kids:

  1. stock-photo-smiling -family-in-new-hous e-playing-with-boxe sBe organised-The most important thing is to be really well organised, lists are going to be your best friend! John Bull Removals and Storage have put together a really handy move planner that you cannot live without if you are about to move house, you can find it here.
  2. De-cluttering- It can be a monumental task to de-clutter your house before selling your house but it can also be very rewarding and a great opportunity to involve the kids. If you are going to have a garage sale before you move let the kids have their own table where they can sell their old toys and books. They could go and buy a new toy with the proceeds! If decluttering is too monumental a task for you then you could call on the services of Utterdeclutter, they will methodically go through your house and help you to cull items that you no longer need, they will even sell items for you and dispose of all of your rubbish.
  3. Storage- Whilst we built our house we moved into a tiny two-bedroom unit so it was necessary for us to move a lot of our belongings into storage. The storage solution at John Bull Removals & Storage is very affordable and convenient if you are in this situation. Your belongings are stored into ‘Mods’ made of breathable plywood, keeping them at an ideal temperature, see more about storage here.
  4. Pre-packing- If the thought of packing up your house is all too much then you may be interested in a pre-packing service. The efficient team will come to your house and pack everything to perfection so that when you go to unpack at your new house your items are perfectly organised by room. You can even get them to un-pack your belongings in your new home!
  5. Cleaning- Cleaning can be hard work when small children are involved, they always need you when you start cleaning! I would recommend getting a cleaner to come and do a thorough clean of your house once you are packed up, it is one less thing to worry about and saves you a lot of time for very little investment. The ladies at Mums2Mums Northern Beaches do an amazing job and have really competitive rates.
  6. Time out– Moving house is among one of the most stressful times in your life along with divorce and small children so if you are doing all of these things at the same time (which many people are) take some time to breathe…. I totally recommend downloading a meditation app like ‘Headspace’ to take 10 mins out for yourself where you think about absolutely nothing. Once you get back to real life you will face it with a new vigour!
  7. Pack a ‘special’ box– Moving house can also be very stressful for our little ones and they can feel very uneasy at the thought of their belongings getting lost so it’s a great idea to encourage them to pack their own ‘special’ box containing the items that they cannot live without, it might be a favourite teddy, Lego, books or pictures for their new room. Once they get to the new house they can have fun unpacking their box and making themselves feel at home.
  8. Help on moving day– the day of the move can be very hectic and let’s face it, tempers can flare! It’s a great idea to get your children looked after for a few hours while you knuckle down and co-ordinate your removalists. From a safety point of view it is also useful to have children out of the way as they can be pretty difficult to see when the removalists are carrying heavy pieces of furniture. This is the day that you will need to call on the help of grandparents, friends or neighbours!
  9. Plan a new room– It’s really important to get your children excited about the move and one way of doing this can be getting them to plan their room (realistically and with your help!). I’m sure if you left this to your 6 year old then they would have a rocket ship as a bed and lava on the floor (minecraft fans!), with this is mind maybe cut out pieces of paper to represent their bed, chest of drawers, wardrobe etc and ask your child to decide where they would like things to go. It is also nice for them to have something new for their bedroom that they will be excited about; wall decals are a really good idea as they are easily removable.
  10. Unpack the kids rooms first– It’s really important to get the kids settled as quickly as possible and the best way of doing this is unpacking their rooms first and making them look inviting, they will feel like they have their own space amongst the boxes and will be re-united with their familiar belongings.
  11. When you’re done– Make a rocket ship out of the cardboard boxes!


square logo copyNow it is time to snuggle the kids into bed with their favourite bedtime story, sit back and enjoy your new home with a glass of wine (well deserved!). John Bull Removals and Storage have been the most trusted removalists on Sydney’s Northern Beaches for over 50 years and we would love the opportunity to help you with your next move. Visit our website www.johnbull.com.au or call 02 9999 1000 and talk to Martin or Brian about your requirements. We look forward to helping you out!




Author: Laurice Klaire

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