How to protect our screen loving kids’ eyes from the dangers of blue light

I recently had the extreme pleasure to personally meet Frank Caruso, Founder of Caruso’s Natural Health at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch in Sydney.

I was already aware of the range of Caruso’s Natural Health products but having an opportunity to discuss my own family’s personal needs with Frank and his team in person was an eye opener.

Frank established Caruso’s Natural Health in 1982, supplying vitamins & herbal supplements and natural foods to Australians.  But business hasn’t all been plain sailing for Frank, and he took me on the journey through his career explaining how he suffered previous business failures but never let that hold him back.

Frank radiates passionate both about his business which is a 100% Australian owned family company and even more importantly about his products, and we had a great discussion about Frank’s family and how his grandchildren inspire him to innovate.

But why do I tell you this?  It explains Frank’s motivation to continue to strive to create products and healthy lifestyle programs to help we Australians live healthy lives.   Frank’s philosophy is simple “Make time for good health and you’ll always have enough health for a good time”.

Being the Mother of 2 screen loving children, one particular product took my attention when I met Frank and that was his Kids Blue Light Eye Protect.

Managing screen time for my kids has always been an issue in our home as I’m sure it is in most homes.  And I’ll be honest, before meeting Frank, I was not even aware that those phones and tablets my kids love so much are emitting blue light that could actually damage their eyes!

Since then, I’ve been madly researching this subject and it’s opened new discussions in our home about the use of screens and the possible damage it could be doing.  And of course, I’ve been very thankfully giving my girls Caruso’s Kids Blue Light Eye Protect.

I’d love to share some information about this increasingly important subject with you all, taken from Caruso’s website ……

What is “blue light”?

Blue light is the highest energy wavelength of visible light. The “energy” is able to penetrate all the way to the back of the eye, through the eyes’ natural filters.

One of the biggest challenges that we as parents face each day is the amount of blue light that our children get from digital device use. These days, a lot of homework is done online and many children need to have access to digital devices for long periods of time. The important difference for children is that their eyes are still developing, and they may not have the protective pigments in their eyes to help filter out some of this blue light.

What can you do for your child’s eyes regarding blue light?

It is very important to give children the nutrients necessary for healthy growth and development, especially for their eyes. The nutrients which are the most important for children’s eyes that can be found in Caruso’s Kids Blue Light Eye Protect are omega 3 fatty acids (such as DHA) and the carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These nutrients are highly concentrated in the brain and retina and both contribute to the development and protection of the brain and the eyes of children.

DHA for brain and visual development

The DHA found in Caruso’s Kids Blue Light Eye Protect plays an essential role in the early development of vision during infancy and childhood. It is involved in the transport of nutrients in and out of cells which helps to support mental, cognitive and visual development.

DHA is present in high levels in the membranes of the retina and cerebral cortex of the brain and has been shown to be particularly important for optimal development of motor skills and visual acuity in children.

Lutemax2020 with Lutien and Zeaxanthin (the natural blue light filters)

Caruso’s Kids Blue Light Eye Protect contains Lutein, which is a carotenoid that is naturally present in mother’s milk. However once women stop breastfeeding children may not get enough through their diets. Lutein intakes are very important as it may help support cells of the eye by absorbing blue light and acting as an antioxidant to support ocular tissue from free radical damage.

Antioxidant protection of the eye is vitally important in infants as they cannot down-regulate blood flow to the retina as well as adults; therefore, these vessels deliver excess oxygen to the retina and cause the generation of free radicals. Lutein and Zeaxanthin deposit primarily into the retina absorb blue light. Lutein has the ability to block blue light may protect the retina from blue light.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found in both the macula and lens of the human eye, and have dual functions both tissues:

  • to act as powerful antioxidants
  • to filter high-energy blue light

Both these nutrients are involved in visual development, however Lutein may also improve macular pigment density, glare recovery from light, and support contrast sensitivity in the eye. This may help with eyestrain and minimize effects of blue light in children.

Is Caruso’s Kids Blue Light Eye Protect easy to give to your kids?

Absolutely yes.  It comes in a small 1 a day capsule, which is suitable for children 5 years and over.  The capsule can also be cut or pierced and the contents squeezed onto a spoon or mixed with food.

Want to learn more?

Please head to the Caruso’s Natural Health website if you want anymore information on this product or find out more about Caruso’s Natural Health and their full range of products here.

You can also find the Caruso’s Natural Health range in over 3,000 pharmacies and health food stores throughout Australia.

Frank Caruso and his team pictured at the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch


Author: Laurice Klaire

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