Remedies to get rid of pesky flies around the home


It’s that time of year again, our homes are full of those irritating tiny fuit flies!  But don’t immediately reach for the chemical filled fly spray.  Here’s some handy ways you can rid your home of these tiny menaces using items you’ve probably already in your cupboards ….

Apple Cider Vinegar

Flies just love this pantry staple.  Fill a small bowl with ACV and add a couple of small drops of washing up liquid.  The soap breaks the surface tension so when the flies land they sink and drown.  This solution works really quickly but we find the AVC needs replaced every day or so to keep it working well.


Paper Cone & Fruit

Pop a piece of very ripe fruit with a few tablespoons of ACV in a mason jar or other tall glass and then make a cone with a piece of paper.  Pop the cone into the glass and the flies will be drawn down into it by the fruit and vinegar and not be able to escape.


Red Wine

It’s not just us who enjoy red wine….flies LOVE it too.  Leave a small amount of red wine in a bottle with the lid off and the flies will be attracted to it and once they fly into the bottle, it’s very difficult for them to escape.


Milk, Sugar and Pepper

It’s an old wives tale but it works!  Combine a pint of milk, 1/2 cup of raw sugar and 1/4 cup of ground pepper in a saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes. Then, pour into a shallow dish and leave uncovered. The flies will be drawn to the mixture and quickly drown.


Plants and Herbs


Basil – Pots of fresh basil work really well to deter flies.  Keep them in the kitchen or on the table if you’re eating outdoors.  TIP: For a greater fregrance and better deterance, always water the roots, NOT the leaves.  Dried basil can also work, just make a bag with a piece of muslin or a Chux wipe and fill it with dried basil and leave out where the flies are.



Lavendar – Lavendar not only fills your space with that gorgeous scent but it repels not only flies but also moths and fleas in the home.  And when planted outside, it can also repel flies from yuor outdoor area.  Like basil, lavendar also works well dried.



Mint – Mint can be used in fresh and dried from to deter a whole range of household pests including flies, mosquitoes, ants and even mice.  Keep crushed mint leaves in shallow bowl to keep flies away or fill a muslin or Chux bag with dried mint and place in problem areas.



Marigold – Marigolds give off a scent that repels mosquitoes and even rabbits so they’re a great little plant to have both indoors and outdoors.




Lemongrass – We’re all used to burning citronella candles to repel mosquitoes but did you know that citronella is actually the natural oil found in lemongrass?   You can grow it in a pot or just keep some stalks on a dish to repel those pesky mozzies.


And for more assistance removing flies from your home check out this handy inforgaphic, shared with kind permission from our friends at http://www.getridoffliesguide.com/#infographic.

Author: Laurice Klaire

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