Remember These Awesome School Memories?

  •  Tuckshop lunches in brown paper bags and having to pay 20c extra for sauce;
  • Commonwealth Bank accounts that made you feel rich;
  • Awkward class photos where someone pulled a face;
  • The lunchtime tradition of stuck in the mud;
  • Making ‘worms’ in your Vita-Weats

… Oh those were the days of our ‘old school yard’!



The joy of memories never change

Sure, things are changing for our ‘munchkins’ – like access to more information than can be utilised! – but some things never change. Like the joy of looking back on not only achievements, events, past teachers and friends, but also memories of favourite songs and places, dreams for superpowers and wishes!


School year end fast approaching

With yet another school year ending and many of us juggling family, work and study – it’s inevitable that some of our children’s school memories may slip through the cracks.

Record your children’s memories

That’s why two Northern Beaches’ mums designed School Remembered. A beautiful hardcover, wire bound book, organised as a timeline from Kindergarten to Year 12. Each year has a double page, a place for photos and drawings, and a large pocket for reports, certificates, awards, even artworks.


Gorgeous inside and out, with a clean and simple design that allows you to create a book of your child’s unique school memories, style and personality.


Special offer for Northern Beaches Mums readers

Use the code NBM10 – by Dec 16 – and receive 10% off at http://www.schoolremembered.com.au

Author: Laurice Klaire

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