Review: Devine Rug Cleaning

Devine Rug Cleaning saved my smelly rug from going to the tip!

Less than a year ago I bought a beautiful shaggy rug.  But thanks either to my pet cat or the smelly feet of my teenagers it developed a smell I just couldn’t get rid off.  I tried everything, even sprinkling it with bicarb.  Nothing worked..the smell remained.

I was actually ready to chuck it out as I couldn’t see how we could wash it without ruining the wooden floor underneath when I noticed someone mention Devine Rug Cleaning on the Northern Beaches Mums Facebook Group.  I had no clue that they existed but they were the answer to my prayers.

They arrived and took my smelly rug away and a few days later returned it looking, and importantly…smelling like new!

I cannot recommend the team at Devine highly enough.  Customer service was every bit as amazing as the cleaning service right though from initial calls to the delivery of the rug. They even helped me move the furniture to put the rug back in place.

Devine Rug Cleaning
17-19 Mitchell Rd, Brookvale, New South Wales
Call (02) 9982 1000


Author: Laurice Klaire

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