Review: Harmony Hypnotherapy

My teenage daughter has been suffering stress and anxiety for some time now.  After many weeks of hoping it would resolve itself we finally visited our GP and were horrified when medication was one of the first options offered.  As far as her father and I were concerned drugs should be a last resort and we set about looking at a range of options available to us.

When reading about hypnosis and NLP, I was reminded of an article I had recently read here on Northern Beaches Mums by Lyn Megan Macpherson (Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Teens and Young Adults) and it simply felt l like we’d found our answer.  My daughter tested hypnotherapy a couple of years ago for some minor stage fright issues and it was a massive success so when I mentioned this to her she was 100% onboard.

On our first visit to Lyn, my daughter was literally shaking with fear in the waiting room. She couldn’t speak and was pale and quiet.  2 hours later, she emerged bright eyed and smiling and ready to tackle the world.  She didn’t stop talking the whole way home, she was so excited and said she just felt like the world had been lifted from her shoulders.

Over the following days, my husband and I were amazed that the teen who’d retreated to her bedroom, and only ever spoke to her younger sister when she absolutely had too, was happily, of her own accord, choosing to spend time with us as a family..and her normally ignored sister actually said “I feel like I got my sister back”.

Over the 3 weeks of treatment with Lyn, my daughter’s attitude to life continued to lift before our eyes.  She grew in confidence each visit and happily shared that she felt “amazing” and now she can’t even really remember how bad she had actually been feeling just a few weeks ago.

Another massive side benefit which we hadn’t really expected was that after the first session, our daughter announced to us that she needed more sleep (as if we’d NEVER told her that lol) …and I’m happy to report that she now takes herself off to bed at a much more suitable time…with the result that a happy smiling girl emerges in the morning and not the zombie like being we’d all been so used to.

We know that this is just the start of a journey for our daughter and she does too, but she now has the tools to continue on the right path and she feels so empowered.

All this positive change in just 3 sessions with Lyn.  We could not be more happy with the results.  A massive thank you Lyn for not just giving our daughter peace and happiness but for re uniting our family unit.

About Lyn Megan Macpherson / Harmony Hypnotherapy:

Lyn Megan Macpherson (M.A., M.Ed., Dip.Clin.Hyp., Dip.NLP) is a Double Masters qualified, award winning, Government Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Social Ecologist, Transformative Psychotherapist and author.

Lyn has researched and practiced revolutionary ways to overcome fears, anxieties, and all forms of destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour in order to generate long-term, natural and transformative change. She specialises in empowering young people with anxiety to calmly take control of their lives to confidently create their ultimate future. Lyn lives on the Northern Beaches with her husband and two teenage daughters. Please visit the HARMONY SOLUTIONS AND HYPNOTHERAPY WEBSITE HERE.

Author: Patrick Linsen

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