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Northern Beaches Mum Gill recently had EyeBrow Feathering done by Jane Simpson at Hibrow Eyebrows and shares her journey as her over plucked eyebrows were brought back to life.

Growing up through the 80s; hair perms, shoulder pads and stick thin over plucked eyebrows were the big  fashion trends where I lived.  And while the perms grew out and the shoulder pads thankfully disappeared, sadly the eyebrows never recovered.

So, since recent times have seen a resurgence in fuller eyebrows, that’s meant my make up bag has become filled with various pencils, brushes, gels and highlighters trying to recreate my missing brows.  And try as a might, my eyebrows still looked off balance …. I was once told by a brow artist that my brows were in different post codes lol.

I’ve been considering eyebrow tattooing for some time now but to be honest, the thought of the pain I envisioned was really what was putting me off.  But I I eventually plucked up the courage to try it after seeing so many positive reviews online.

My Treatment

I will admit, I was still quite nervous when I arrived at my appointment with Jane.  I was scared it would hurt, or I’d be left with “dodgy” eyebrows for a couple of years.

My appointment was in Jane’s treatment room at the Laser Lounge in Wahroonga where I was welcomed warmly by one of the beauticians with the most amazing eyebrows. “OK” I was thinking to myself, “this is a GOOD sign”.

My nerves calmed instantly when Jane greeted me and I realised that I’d actually very briefly met her a couple of year earlier at an event where I’d heard her talk enthusiastically about what she does.  Just knowing that she was so passionate AND so experienced immediately put me at ease.

The technique that Jane uses is called feather touch which is a semi-permanent tattoo technique that lasts up to 2 years.

Jane was so friendly and really put me at ease.  She explained what she was going to be doing and we talked about my natural hair colour so she could match it with suitable shade for a natural result.

Gill before treatment

I then had to lie on the bed and Jane set to work applying an anaesthetic cream to my eyebrows.

The actual feathering was done with a small hand tool with tiny blades.  For some reason, I’d expected a mechanical took with lots of noise but all I could hear was a quiet scratching of the tool on the top layer of my skin.

Using this tool, Jane went on to spend around an hour, creating fine strokes and penetrating the pigment into my skin in a way that looks like individual hairs.

The whole time, we chatted comfortably, and Jane also had some gentle music playing so it was easy to be distracted from what she was doing.  There was honestly no pain and this self confessed pain wimp was highly impressed.

Post Treatment

When Jane was finished, she explained exactly what would happen to my new brows over the coming weeks.  She explained that it actually takes several weeks for the finished product to be revealed and that my brows would go through several stages while they healed and developed.

Immediately, my bows looked thicker and darker, a little full on, and felt a bit tender.  Jane explained that this was all normal, that my brows now look 50% fuller and darker than the finished result and that this would reduce over the coming days as some pigment would come off…… and not to panic.  She provided me with an aftercare leaflet with instructions and images of brows over the weeks post treatment highlighting the changes I could expect.  She also assured me I could call her if I had any questions and that she’d see me again in a month for a catch up treatment.

Gill immediately after treatment

In that first week, I had to avoid using skin products with active ingredients and Jane also gave me a take home pack of the most amazing natural ointment that she herself blended. I applied this dutifully over the week and during that time my eyebrows healed and the small amount of tenderness I had reduced really quickly.

And just as promised, over that week, some of the pigment reduced and my eyebrows began to look natural again.

My Results

I’m now just two weeks in from my treatment and I am SO happy with my brows.  They  already look fuller, they look natural AND for the first time in decade, they match!!!

If you’re thinking of having your eyebrows feathered, I wholeheartedly recommend it.  Jane is amazing and my only regret about this whole process is that I didn’t do it sooner.


Website: http://hibroweyebrows.com/

Phone: 0497 698 629

Locations: Crows Nest and Wahroonga



Author: NBMs

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