Review: Siro-A – The Concourse, Chatswood

Siro-A – The Concourse, Chatswood

“Saw the show last night – It was SOOOOO much fun.. very engaging.. These guys are packed with energy and very clever with dance, comedy, projection and digital effects.

You actually want to know what is coming next each time the stage goes black.. Works for kids and adults.. clean, happy, wild, crazy and full of colour and movement.

Loved it so much 🙂 Go and see it, I haven’t laughed so much at a show in ages.. as well as being excited by the special effects 🙂

Miss 8’s eyes were glued to the stage for the whole show.. There are several interactive bits with the audience too.”


Northern Beaches Mums Review, 12 January 2016

Author: Laurice Klaire

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