Review: Wannabees Family Play Town

My 16 month old daughter and I recently visited Wannabees Family Play Town and I wanted to share our lovely day out with the Northern Beaches Mums …

Upon arrival at Wannabees, we were greeted by a very friendly lady who showed us through to the centre, introduced us to the girl in charge and where the cafe was located. My 16 month old daughter was so excited to see all that the children’s wonderland has to offer, she ran straight off! 
The best part of play centre is the ‘city’ they have created. This city consists of a Main Street, and then lots of rooms on the Main Street which have been transformed into a hospital, a hairdresser, a TV station, a supermarket, a fire station, a bank, police station and a cafe. Each room has been equipped with equipment which will keep children busy for hours. It has been set up so well, that it makes it feel very real. They also had plastic bikes that the children could sit on and push themselves along the Main Street. 

The play centre also has a stage, a rock climbing wall and a smaller play area for younger children, which my daughter loved.

During our time at the play centre, the girl in charge gathers the children who were there to dress up and do a fashion show and then kept the music going and turned on the colourful lights so they could all dance. All the children of the various ages got into the dancing.

The cafe was open for us to have some lunch and place was nice and clean.

Sophia had a great day at Wannabees and I will definitely take Sophia back again when she is a bit older to be able to enjoy it even more. Wannabees is definitely a great place to take the children to play.

Review submitted by Northern Beaches Mum, Nicole – October 2017

Wannabees is open for casual play and they also offer birthday parties.  Please visit the website for more details.

Author: NBMs

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