Save $50 on Google Analytics training


If you’re going to invest in a digital marketing strategy, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to grow your business.

Now is the time to master the tools that shine a light on the browsing habits of people visiting your website.

This allows you to tailor your strategy to focus on the avenues that generate the strongest leads (no more pouring time and money down the drain by using tactics that don’t work).

Google Analytics is a free tool that reveals how visitors interact with your website. This helps you measure overall traffic, as well as understand audience demographics and browsing patterns.

Do users tend to linger on a certain page? What keywords do they use to find your site? Did they follow a particular link to get there? Google Analytics answers all these questions and more.

We can teach you how to navigate Google Analytics and interpret the results to build a powerful marketing strategy that boosts website traffic, enquiries and sales. This might involve tweaking what you already have, or embracing a new approach that improves your customers’ online experience.

Our 3-hour workshop will show you how to:

  • Set Up Google Analytics
  • Interpret Google Analytics reports
  • Set up Goals & Filters
  • Track your Marketing Campaigns
  • Measure Website Conversion
  • Set Up Google Search Console
  • Review your backlinks
  • Check for Google Manual Action penalties
  • Recover from any Google penalty

Take advantage of this interactive and supportive environment to:

  • Get expert feedback (specifically tailored for you)
  • Quickly address the pitfalls in your digital strategy
  • Network with your business peers
  • Enjoy access to case studies, reports and free marketing tools

As a bonus:

  • One of our experts will show you how to turn your knowledge into action, during a 1-hour one-on-one consultation session (FREE!)

*These mentoring sessions will be scheduled at a later date


Who will benefit?


Few start-ups have the budget to outsource their digital strategies, so it’s crucial to learn how to launch successful DIY campaigns.


Established businesses

We show you how to effectively measure and track progress, so you can make an informed decision about the success of your current digital strategies.



Accelerate your knowledge to an expert level that puts you ahead of the competition. We show you how to boost profits by using the latest strategies.


Small businesses

We keep you updated about the evolving digital landscape and teach you vital techniques that generate powerful results. Your biggest challenge is implementing a successful strategy with a small budget.



Workshop details:


Date: Friday 25th August 2017

Presenter: Hasnain Hararwala Digital Marketing Specialist with E-Web Marketing

Location: E-Web Marketing (Level 6 North Tower, 1-5 Railway St, Chatswood NSW 2067)

Time: Registration at 9:30am, Session from 10am-1pm

Cost: $199 (includes a separate one-hour free private mentoring session)

Bookingswww.eweb.eventbrite.com.au use code CONNECTFORSUCCESS50 for your $50 discount.

Contact us or phone 1300 785 122 to book your spot, we look forward to seeing you there!


Author: Laurice Klaire

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