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As a business owner, networking is a key activity that is not only fun, but also important to your personal growth and business development…. Building a successful business takes a lot of time and motivation, so it’s good to have a network of friends to draw energy from and keep you going.

But that’s not the only benefit of networking. In fact that’s only the beginning…

By participating in local business networking groups like Connect For Success, business owners can not only improve their networking skills, they can also meet strategic partners and get referrals—lots of referrals.

So what is Connect For Success?

Connect For Success has now been operating successfully on Sydney’s North Shore since 2014 and is unique among networking groups for the culture of support and community it has created. It is filled with a warm and friendly bunch of like-minded professionals, who while serious about business, also like to have fun.

The group has a very active ‘chat room’ on Facebook, which limits membership to those business owners who participate in the group, attend regular events and refer fellow members to their friends/family/colleagues.

To prevent the chat room being used purely for advertising, members can only promote their businesses on Monday nights during business night. On other days, the admin team and members will post business tips, ask for advice or recommendations and share ideas.

Far from being a Facebook only group, Connect For Success holds quarterly events, business workshops, monthly coffee mornings and social events, so naturally, strong friendships tend to form amongst the members.

The CFS Photobooth, Christmas 2016 CFS event

Having seen the successes reaped by its members on the North Shore, owner Louisa Sanghera, is now expanding Connect for Success to the Northern Beaches to extend this valuable service to small business owners there.

How can I get involved?

You can join Connect For Success at its inaugural Northern Beaches Connect for Success event! Just bring plenty of business cards, a smile and a can-do attitude and you’ll fit right in. There will be fantastic guest speakers, amazing door prizes worth over $1000, a tasty buffet plus the opportunity to network with local business owners.

Getting to know other local businesses owners in a fun and relaxing environment gives you the opportunity to have REAL conversations and develop REAL friendships with other business owners.

Come and have fun whilst growing your business!

Speakers on the night

  • The main speaker of the night is Ben Fewtrell from Max My Profit. Ben has become a sought-after advisor, keynote speaker and trainer. Ben’s presentations are always fun and educational and regularly said to be the highlight of the day. Ben will be discussing: How to increase your business by 24% in the next 90 days.


  • Also speaking is Kathy Wong, a social entrepreneur and Northern Beaches local who owns Moeloco. Kathy will share her journey of building a business that can make a difference whilst being sustainable. Kathy will discuss: Building a purposeful business.


  • And don’t miss the ever popular Sonia Wray from Business Brains Club who will help you in learn how to pitch your business. She’s gonna help you be able to describe your business succinctly, clearly, and with confidence. Because having a good pitch will help you grow your business.   And this isn’t just about listening about how to do it! During this popular interactive segment, Sonia will encourage everyone in the room to actually practise their pitch with a great prize on offer for the best pitch of the night.

Attendees pitching their business at CFS May 2017

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Why not also request to join the Connect For Success Chatroom? Click here to join https://www.facebook.com/groups/CFSchatroom/

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Author: Laurice Klaire

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