How to Spark Your Child’s Imagination

According to the experts, imagination is one of the key components of creativity and the source of all human achievement. What’s more, imagination can advance cognitive development and it is one of the essential factors in the learning process. Through imaginative play, children discover the world around them and adopt learning habits. They also develop their vocabulary and communicative skills much easier. Therefore, you as the parent should always try to spark the child’s imagination and help their development.

Tell stories

One-on-one connection between the parent and the child with the story as a mediator is considered the cornerstone of imaginative development. Whether you choose to read a story to the kid, or make up your own adventure and try to picture it most vividly, your kid’s imagination will fire up immediately. Make sure you use various ways to do it day after day, so you can make it as thought-provoking as possible. Also, use your child as the main character of the stories and expand their sense of self, while sparking their imagination as well. Not long after, you’ll see them coming up with their own little story worlds and creating the imaginative universe they can enjoy and share with you through their stories.

Arts and crafts

Making art is one of the best ways to develop a child’s imagination. Paint with them, draw together, mould, sculpt and build to see what kind of art they will be most successful at. It’s important to include all senses into the development, and tactile experience is one of the most significant ones. Keep them in touch with objects in nature as well, and let them make sand castles at the beach, because those objects inspire children’s imagination immensely.

Visit galleries and museums

Galleries and museums are not just for adults. Children can find their inspiration there as well and create a wonderful story out of it. Images portray a story through visualisation, which means that a kid can create a story after looking at various pictures. Whatever captures their attention can potentially turn into a great bedtime story your children could tell you, for instance. Bedtime stories are even more efficient as imagination enhances if the kids come up with them on their own.

Limit screen time

While cartoons and online games can be rather calming for children, experts advise not to put children under that kind of influence until they’re at least two years old. Instead of exposing your kids to visualised stories as documentaries, cartoons and children’s shows, use those programmes for your own story and build the plot around it, to make the playtime as interesting as possible. However, if you think you should let your kid watch TV for some time, just make sure it’s no longer than 30 minutes a day, and try to keep them company. You can never know how they’ll react to some scene in the movie, and you should be there to explain anything they might find strange or scary.

Build their own small world

A child’s room is their own little universe that they enjoy and try to make as pleasurable for them as possible. However, creating a miniature world inside it can be even more fun. Consider building a fort inside their room, or buying girls a big dollhouse they could play with and imagine it’s actually them living in the house. What’s more, get them an adorable teepee for kids in which they could sleep, or play with their friends and feel like they’re in the middle of the woods camping or playing Robin Hood.

You can spark your kid’s imagination in so many ways, and you should try to do it every day. Whether you choose to read to them, tell stories, go to galleries, enjoy the nature or draw with them, you’ll definitely help their development and nurture their growth.


Diana Smith is a full time mum of two beautiful girls interested in latest DIY Projects and alternative medicine.

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Author: Laurice Klaire

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