Tips to Keep Your Kids Fit While Having Fun

Babies and toddlers spend an awful lot of time strapped into car seats or plopped in front of the TV. Not only does this prevent them from practicing their emerging motor skills and strengthening their heart, lungs, and muscles, but it can also set them up for a sedentary lifestyle, and even obesity, as adults.

A good habit of physical activity, on the other hand, will last a lifetime and stand them in good stead for the future. Here Tom Hardy from Toy Advisers shares his Tips to Keep Your Kids Fit While Having Fun:


Evening Walks are Great

Building a walk into your daily schedule ensures a good routine for having a time where you and your family exercises while spending quality time together. Doing this in the evening is often the easiest as it complies with work schedules and has the added bonus of promoting your children’s digestive system before or after a meal. This is great for building a long-lasting routine.

Hold Home Dance Parties

Having a disco night at your home for friends, family and neighbours is a wonderful idea for keeping your kids active while having fun. Get some good tracks to play on the sound system, use a flashlight as a mock strobe and you have yourself a dance party. This is a wonderful social gathering opportunity to get your friends over as well as your children’s friends.

Make Household Chores Fun Again

Turn your house into a battle zone and prepare to defend against the dirt invaders looking to spread their dirt throughout the house. Use your children’s sense of imagination and adventure to incorporate daring scenarios into household chores. Not only will this liven up the act of cleaning the house but it’s a great way to induce some exercise into a normally menial task.

Disguise Workouts in Everyday Activities

This may seem cruel, but we are not suggesting turning your child’s everyday life into a bootcamp. Small adjustments in everyday activities can be directed towards the burning of calories which is good for a child’s over all well-being. These can be as simple as walking upstairs as opposed to using an escalator or walking part of the way to school in the mornings.

Adverts = Fitness

Most modern families like to end the day relaxing in front of the television. You can use this time to incorporate fitness and fun with a small injection of creativity. Using fun exercise names such as “Bob the Builder muscle builders” can be used to motivate kids to do a bit of fun workout exercises while their favorite program is being interrupted by a commercial break.

Weekly Home Sports Events

Often families will use a night or day of the week and designate a weekly family activity evening. As opposed to playing card or board games, get your family to enjoy sport & outdoor activities for toddlers. This is a great opportunity to get outside as well as enjoy active family time together with your partner and your young ones.

Make Exercise Charitable

Kill two birds with one stone and promote the act of giving back while also promoting ideals of fitness and health in your kids. Charity runs and fund-raising activity events are good for kids to enjoy a fun activity which, in most cases, is directed towards some form of exercise, as well as raising money for those less fortunate.

Yard Work

While menial labour is often reserved as a paid job for people, there are usually easy chores which your kids can get down and dirty doing. Get them to help clear out the leaves that come with Fall and insert some fun and prizes into it for those who can collect the most of a certain colour leaf. Use your imagination and the garden becomes a place of fun and fitness.

Get Down and Dirty with Them

If you are a green finger, you always need a bit of help digging up some buried root or plant, get your kids to chime in and help with gardening. This will also help them learn about food as they become a part of the growing process and come to appreciate the lives of the vegetables on their plate that night.

Dog is a Man’s Best Friend

While dogs and other pets are often hard to incorporate into modern family homes, having a dog is great on so many levels. For children, a dog represents a furry friend with no reservations. Dogs are a great play companion and buddy to explore and adventure with. If dogs are not an option, look to take your children to the local SPCA or shelter where they can still enjoy the company of pooches.


Tom Hardy is the  co-founder of Toys Advisors. He has a lovely family with his wife Sophie, and son Quentin and daughter Sarah. He spends most of time with his family and learning and sharing  about parenting and DIY”



Author: Laurice Klaire

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