Tips for Planning Amazing Kids’ Birthday Parties

Ask any kid to tell you what’s the best day in the whole year, and they’ll happily reply that it’s, of course, their birthday. They love feeling special, being spoiled for the day, and getting presents, and they look forward to each new birthday party.

While enjoying the party is great, organizing that same party can be exhausting because it isn’t easy to pick the decorations, food, cake, and activities. Still, if you’re hoping to make the best party for your child, we give you a list of useful ideas to help you with organization.

Don’t do it all by yourself

Surprise birthday parties may sound great, but they work better with grown-ups. Kids already know there will be a party for them, and the want to participate. You should always ask your child what they want for their birthday, what kind of party they would enjoy. They should help you choose the theme of the party and they can suggest the activities. What is more, they can help you design the invitations – they can even draw them themselves. These are all simple things they will enjoy doing, and when the day of the party comes, they will feel proud because they will know that they helped you accomplish all that. Sometimes, something as simple as having them put stickers on invitations will make them feel happy and proud.

First things first

Your party should be divided into smaller blocks that are 10- to 15-minutes long because kids easily lose interest. Each block should involve a different activity, and if you have an entertainer, keep them for about 30 minutes (it’s the optimal time). Lunch, cake, and gift-opening should take 15 minutes each, and if you notice kids don’t react good to a particular game or an activity, simply drop it and move on, or if they love it, let them have fun longer. Kids will be coming at different times, so there should be a crafts table for them to keep busy until everyone arrives. Also, stick to games kids know and love. Older kids need more stimulation, so you can plan sports activities and even make small competitions.

And now the feast

As with activities, foods should be simple and fun. That doesn’t mean you have to let them have as much chocolate as they want – simple tricks will help you get them interested in fruit and healthy snacks. Cookie cutters can help you turn your sandwiches into stars and hearts, and Jell-O into letters of the alphabet. Don’t serve food that has to be cut, and choose foods that even the smallest hands can grasp easily.

Goody bags for good guests

Goody bags are very popular today, and they are a great way to make guests feel special, too. They don’t have to be expensive or include too many things – something as simple as healthy snacks, containers of bubbles or stickers will do the trick as kids love getting presents. Still, keep in mind that all these trinkets should be age-appropriate and safe, so no toys with miniature parts that can easily be swallowed. Ask your child to help you prepare the goody bags or goody containers. Chinese-food takeout cartons are great for this since they can glue paper flowers or stickers on them, or simply use markers and draw something silly. To make them feel even more special, write each kid’s name on the goody bag and use different stickers.

Make it short and sweet

Children are full of energy and they will be able to run around and play for hours, but it will leave them too exhausted and a bit cranky, so it’s best if you limit the party to two or three hours. If you keep them busy all the time, it will seem like a blink of an eye to them, but a whole eternity to you because their attention span is short and they get bored easily. Prepare tables with simple arts and crafts if you’re throwing the party at home, or you can take them to a trampoline park and let them have fun. The main event should begin as soon as most of the guests have arrived, but the cake and food should be served in the last hour. When the youngest child grows tired and cranky, it’s usually the sign that the party is coming to an end.

There will always be parents who love doing extravagant things and throwing over-the-top parties for their children. But the truth is, kids don’t need extravaganza or glamor. They are perfectly happy with a nice, simple party as long as they have their friends and get to do what they like. Always keep the needs and tastes of your child in mind when you’re preparing a party because that day is all about them, after all.



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Author: Laurice Klaire

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