Top 5 rules for looking “Put Together”

….and why you may not!! Shop the look to make it work!

Messy not messy

The messy look can be an easy one to get wrong. We all love the feeling of a comfortable outfit although when this translates to looking disheveled, you have lost your way.

Clothes that appear as though you picked them up from the floor will add to this: make sure your fabrics are not creased. Going for the over-sized look? Be sure you have some other pieces in your outfit on the show you figure; this is the art of skim and flow.

Try these styles below for the ultimate Messy not messy look….

Christopher Kane
The Fashion Bunker

Accessories too far girl

Overloading on accessories can kill a great outfit. Wearing pieces “just because” with no thought as to their placement in your fashion story can result in you looking confused in your style.

Stick to 2 elements that compliment your outfit and if in doubt of colour matching, stick to some great metallic hardware to add interest to your look.

By Charlotte

Monica Vinader

Jennifer Meyer


Accessories, but not enough!

Tee shirt, jeans and boots is one of my most fave fave fave outfits and wearing a simple,  yet great fitting outfit is where all style begins.

If you stop here though, your outfit can potentially look a little, basic, shall we say. Adding in a pair of cute earrings, a statement ring,  a couple of bangles or cool hat and scarf  combination will show personality to a plain outfit.

A simple outfit will also give these items a place to shine while showing personal style!

Nick Fouquet
Samantha Wills

Cinderella’s step sisters

If the shoe don’t fit, do not wear them!

The only thing worse than watching someone try and walk in shoes that don’t fit is being the person wearing the shoes that don’t fit!

Do yourself and all witnesses a favour and spend time investing in shoes that not only look great but will support you if a quick dash was needed!

Public Desire

Whack on a bag

You’ve got the outfit, the shoes, even some mascara and gloss, and you go and ruin the whole look by adding in a bag that lets all your fabulous effort go by the way side.

Having a selection of neutral and colourful bag options available to you is vital in completing styled outfits that go from day to night to weekend! Invest girls.

J W Anderson
Nina Ricci

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On Australian soil, one of her most recent roles was Head stylist for The Voice as well as creating chic and fresh looks for campaigns for every major magazine from Woman’s Day to Vogue, and she’s conceived and sourced red hot looks for a variety of celebrities, including superstar Ronan Keating, X Factor judge and beauty Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Logie Winner Bonnie Sveen and Sunrise personality Samantha Armytage plus many more in her 8 years as a fashion stylist in Australia.

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Author: Laurice Klaire

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