Training tomorrow’s athletes

F45 Prodigy is a fitness program designed to build healthy, happy and confident young adults between 11-17 years of age. It provides teens the opportunity to develop – both physically and mentally – in a motivating, community environment.

Delivering safe, effective and time-efficient form of physical activity for teens, Prodigy’s HIIT workouts have been designed to mimic the nature of children’s day-to-day movements, making it more appealing and enjoyable for teens.

At F45 Prodigy Brookvale the program is designed to encourage a lifelong participation in physical exercise, while improving focus and building confidence through fast, fun fitness.

Try us out at F45 Prodigy Brookvale for an unlimited 7 day free trial.

E: [email protected]
P: (02) 9939 0270
W: f45prodigy.com.au/brookvale

Join us on June 16th for our Free Prodigy Open Day!

Author: NBMs

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